Paul’s Electric Company, Inc.

Company Summary

Paul’s Electric is a small, woman owned business and S-Corporation. It was founded over 60 years ago and is now owned by Tammy and Tim Cain. Tim Cain is the President, Electrical Estimator, and Project Manager.

As an electrical contractor, Paul’s Electric performs all aspects of the electrical field, including overhead and underground primary, site utilities, and communications. Paul’s Electric has been an active contractor on Fort Hood since 1974, maintaining a direct and consistent working relationship with Directorate of Public Works and the Corps of Engineers.

Paul’s Electric is also an accomplished subcontractor performing more than 99% of its work on Fort Hood. In the last five years, Paul’s Electric has completed numerous contracts of varying sizes on Fort Hood for many prime contractors, the largest being a more than 8 million dollar Open End Electrical Contract. Paul’s Electric provides these services with a workforce of over 30 and is located in Killeen, Texas.

Paul’s Electric has a staff of highly experienced professionals who continually provide optimum levelsof quality and service. Sound knowledge and proven experience allow Paul’s Electric to meet and exceed client expectations.